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Colin Brown
Colin Brown
Syncnet, Inc.

From The Desk Of Colin Brown
Sandy, Utah

RE:Mentor Me Membership



Dear Entrepreneur,

I rarely do this except when I am trying to help out a buddy. You see, I put this program together to help a guy get started in the Internet Marketing world. He was just getting started and didn't have any connections, didn't know what step to take next and didn't have all his ducks lined up. He just didn't know what he didn't know.


He knew he wanted a website and went to 3 different ad agencies and the bids came back higher than he expected. So he went with the lowest price, and $20,000 later he had a nice looking 6 page website. It was cool and had beautiful graphics and even a video with a model that walked on to the screen. Ouch! He didn't know what step to take next. The ad agency wanted more money to put a lead capture form on the site that would tie into a database and it wasn't going to be cheap!


Then he found me at an Internet Marketing Conference. I was minding my own business and he came up to me out of the blue during a break and introduced himself. We became quick friends and I took a quick look at what he had just paid $20k for and my heart sank. I immediately knew that there was no business plan and no strategy because I ask what his plan was for making money with the site since there was nothing for sale that you could even buy. I could immediately see there was no traffic strategy, no Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and 6 static pages of content that looked really cool. I felt bad for him knowing that he had just wasted $20k and was really no closer to turning the site into a legitmate business so I gave in and told him I would help him out. I'd be his mentor and get him to the promised land. Little did he know I had been on the Internet since 1995 hosting business sites and that I've been helping my customers bring in over $200 million in the last couple of years alone!


The problem is -- in this journey of helping my new found buddy, I found I liked it. It was great fun to help him get back on track. To see him find success. It wasn't that he was afraid to work. He just didn't have the right connections, the right team and the right business model and that is how MENTOR ME was born! I really like to help people succeed and I really hate to see people not get the absolute best return on their investment. The problem is there is only one of me and I still have a business to run, there's only so many hours in a day so I can't help everyone. The Internet Marketing Gurus of the world only give lip service to your success. This is different, I'll be right there with you making it happen!


Warning!!! If you don't like to sell on the Internet then this is not for you;~)


So... what is Mentor Me?

It's a well-planned and systematic online training system for businesses that want to add a continuity stream of revenue to their backend of products! We help you, we council with you, and guide you until you are successful. And we take care of all the technical issues!

Most People Talk About It, Most People Teach It, but we actually DO IT. And we'll help you do the same.


Watch this short video to see what you get with a Mentor Me...

  • Weekly Conference Call with a membership expert to help you do whatever you need to get done
  • We'll setup up a monetized Blog and start building your list immediately
  • Two hours every month with one of our graphic designers to do design and layout of images, website, sales pages or whatever you need done
  • We help you create your first info product
  • Start your Social Media marketing campaign
  • Setup of Membership site and CRM $2500 Setup is included
  • Hosting of the Membership Site, Database Server and a Blog on another Network $108 Value
  • Hook up your affiliate marketing
  • Look for potential partners
  • We are going to give you all of our insider secrets and experience.We will help you until the site is profitable

“YES, I'm Ready To Sign Up For The Mentor Me Membership. I Want to Learn and Develop My Skills as an Internet Marketer and Take my Business to the Next Level...”

I understand that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, And limited to less than 10 people because we have limited time available.

For the low, low introductory price of just $795/month subscription. I know and understand that I will be charged every 30 days for this service!

I also understand that after the introductory price as a charter member that everyone else will pay $1995/month so this subscription is a substantional benefit.

As if that wasn't enough... I also have 30 days for a 100%, prompt and courteous refund if I'm not completely delighted with with the Mentor Me Membership.

That's how sure we are that this is exactly what you need to learn the skills of the expert Internet Marketer and launch your own business.

Or call 1-888-SYNCNET (888-796-2638) M-F 9am-5pm MST to sign up by phone

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